About me

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Tony NS

Tony here! I was born and raised and kicked-off a very interesting career in Abu Dhabi as a graphic designer around 2005, now i am 33 years old, living in Dubai and I do photography as part of my career, basically I run an agency in Dubai called Virtual Dusk, but since photography is very personal to me, I kept it to my name.

My professional photography career started when I was a well established graphic designer which just made things very easy since the results in both relies on taste and quality, ever since, I was privileged to work with many diffrent individuals and business, from big international corporates to SMEs, and even individuals, I simply enjoyed shooting and delivering every single photo.

I picked a collection of some of my work which you can find here or if you want to see more you can find me on Instagram

Please do feel free to reach out using the many ways available on this website for any inquires or questions.