Product photographs are half-finished when a shoot wraps up. Retouching plays an integral role in ensuring that the images are perfect for your brand campaign. Retouching creates the magic you need to grab more eyeballs and create a stellar impression of your brand.

However, it takes an experienced hand — a specialist product photographer in Dubai — to make the final and minute modification to attain perfection. In this article, we put forth six pro retouching tips, so read on to find out:-

1. Background Removal

Background Removal

Background removal is one of the fundamental edits when it comes to retouching. Many professional photographers shoot on a white background, as removing that background is easy using photo editing software.

Removing the image’s background offers numerous benefits, such as preserving a clean, consistent & cohesive aesthetic appeal for your product. And, it helps in drawing attention directly to the product in focus, without any background distractions.

2. Colour Correction

Colour Correction

Even if the product has a solid colour, you still need to do a bit of colour correction. It creates image uniformity and accurate colour presentation. Small tweaks can vastly improve your images. Tools such as Adobe Photoshop make colour correction a matter of a few clicks.

3. Cropping

Don’t forget to crop and straighten the images before uploading them on your site. First, ensure that every image looks straight. Many tools, such as Transform, have auto crop. Otherwise, you can manually crop it.

Pro Tip:

Shoot images a bit wider so that you have enough room to tweak during retouching. Decide how much you want to crop for all images to establish consistency.

4. Spot Removal

Spot removal is imperative for creating a clean final image. You can either do it at the beginning or end for all images. It helps in removing distracting and/or unnecessary people or objects.  For instance, removing colour imperfections or stains on the product package. There are many tools for spot removal that fix the photos for final delivery.

5. Noise

Noise is a grain that appears throughout the product image; it is not a problem if you are shooting under artificial lights. But, for natural light, the noise is profound, and therefore needs to be fixed for giving your image a smoother look.

At the same time, be careful; never push the slider too high. Otherwise, the final image will somewhat appear like plastic.

6. Sharpening

Sharpening is the last step of product photography retouching; it adds contrast between edges & pixels. This, in turn, creates a more refined looked by adding definition.

Make sure you don’t apply sharpening to the entire image, props and background. The focus is on enhancing the clarity of the product image with nothing hazy or blurred.

Final Takeaway

Your eCommerce site with professionally retouched product photographs will attract more buyers, which in the end is going to create your brand authority in the market. The more people trust your site, the more sales you’ll be making.

Tony NS is a top-rated product photographer with years of experience working with top brands. He specializes in promotion product photography that draws your potential buyers’ attention by creating an everlasting impression. Contact him today to bring your product to life.