No matter how utilitarian, features-enrich or cost-efficient your product is, if it is not expressed through pictures, its conversion rate is bound to suffer severely. 

But, don’t you worry as we’re here to save you by enlisting pro tactics that incredibly increases your product photography ROI.

So, Let’s Scroll Down and Find Out.

1. Deciding on the Product Photography Background

professional photography in Dubai

One of the elementary aspects for product photography is avoiding a background with busy details. Because your prospective buyers want to see more of what they are searching for, rather than getting lost in the background details. 

Bright colors look unpleasant, therefore, specialist photographers advise subtle shades for the background.

Light colors — such as grey and white — are a splendid choice as they never steal the product’s attention. Instead they enhance the product features.  

For jewelry and diamonds, a black background could be worth an option, as it will make the precious metals shine brighter, resulting in presentable & enticing product photography. 

Those who don’t wish for a clear background yet want to persist on the basic side, consider chic & straightforward textures such as grid & gradient shades, marble texture, or any other texture that compliments your product.

2. Get Your Lighting Right

professional photography in Dubai

Whether you’re shooting from your iPhone or a professional camera, one thing holds the key for every product photographer, it’s the lighting. 9 out of 10 times, natural lighting is an apt choice. 

Shooting during the midday, when the sun is directly above, delivers the best results, way beyond our expectations. 

But what about a rainy day? There is a solution, place one lamp on each side of the product, and experiment with shadows to create a mesmerizing striking effect. But remember, solid & sharp shadows cause distractions. 

To soften the light, you must wrap the globe of the lamp with a plastic bag; this will cut down on the harsh shadows. 

3. Use a Tripod

A tripod undoubtedly helps you get the most of your product photography. It makes taking product photographs a lot easier. If you’re holding the camera with one hand, you will spend a lot of time re-arranging the camera shoot. 

With a tripod holding the camera in fixed position, you can achieve sharper & clearer images, and overall a superior quality picture. It also presents you the freedom to adjust the lighting without losing the position of the camera. 

4. Use the Macro Feature

the modern cameras for professional photography

Most of the modern cameras for professional photography come with a “close-up” mode. So, you must look for the little logo, that somewhat appears like a tulip. 

The aim of this mode is to focus at a particularly short distance to illustrate very minute details. It’s a splendid mode for jewelry and several other products that require immense details. The overall results you get are spectacular and thus establish an entirely unique perspective. It will breathe new life into the product.

5. Don’t Forget Post-Processing

Taking a couple of product photos is merely the beginning. Touch-ups and edits are indispensable to accomplish a perfect product photoshoot that connects with the audience engagingly. 

To get started, you must upload the images into the Lightroom or Photoshop. You also opt for the online version of Photoshop or Pixlr editor. 

Take a careful look at the colours of the image according to the actual product. 

Check if the blues are more green in reality or reds more orange? Be careful, don’t go too far, little tweaks are more than enough. 


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