We are a social media-driven society, and most people check out Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and several other online sites before booking a table for two at a restaurant online. That makes all the images you publish over the various social media platforms all the more important to make or break a deal.

Your business images tell a lot about your establishment, product or brand — especially if you are in the hospitality industry. So, to stand out, and capture your clients’ attention & deliver an impression of quality, you’re required to hire a professional photographer who knows how to get the best shots from different angles. 

With so many commercial photographers in the market for food photography, choosing the right one can be one heck of a challenge. But, to help you out, below, we’ve rounded up things to consider before making an inking a contract.

1. Experience

When it comes down to food photography, specialized domain experience is imperative. Above all, one should gravitate towards a photographer who is well-versed with complexities & technicalities of food photography. 

From choosing the best angles to the food photography equipment and everything involved in the entire process. They must know what will be a hit or a miss over social media. Practical industry experience of your photographer will help you market your F&B brand effectively.

2. Know Their Style+ Food Styling

First, you need to determine which style you prefer for your brand. Is it bold & vivid to appeal to the young segment of society? It works if you run a cafe where frequent visitors are young people in their 20 and 30s. 

On the other hand, if you have a family diner, where couples with kids come, then you need to portray real class and elegance through every food photo you publish on Facebook or Instagram. 

Next, is to know what kind of style your prospective food photographer has, for this, ask them to send their portfolio. Cross-check to see if it’s worth proceeding with their candidature. 

Food styling is way more complicated than you perceive as one has to create a compelling story to encourage your potential audience to book online reservations or visit your place. Pro food photographers work admirably on utilizing the chef’s insights regarding the procedures to make the food pictures as appealing as possible. 

They’ll assist your staff in arranging the platter and style the food in a manner that looks incredible through the camera lens. Every ingredient in the dish has to look mesmerizingly delicious & fresh to grab the viewers’ eyeballs. 

3. Check their Social Media Profiles

If you want to connect with your prospective food photographer at a deeper level and gain insights about their work & style, then go through their social profiles or blog. It will give you a brief idea of how they interact with their audience, and how they can be an asset to your establishment. 

4. See their Portfolio

Is your product photographer skilled in flat-lay photography or packshot? How many product photoshoots they’ve done? What brands they’ve worked with? Have they done product photography for magazines, brochures, or advertisements? 

You can get the answer to these questions by looking at the shoot from their previous works. So, ask your prospective product photographer to mail you their detailed portfolio. If you really like someone’s portfolio, don’t be afraid to go with a less experienced yet talented at delivering impressive results. Doing so, you’ll get your money’s worth. 

5. Client References 

Don’t be afraid to ask for references. If your potential photographer does, with utter confidence, then it is a clear-cut sign, they believe their previous clients will recommend their services. 

You can go that extra mile in calling a client or two to inquire about the experience, what were pros and cons? It will certainly help you make the right decision. Also, surf the Internet to read client reviews on different customer feedback sites to be sure you are going with the best professional available in the market.  

Exceptional Food Photography By Tony NS

Tony NS is a professional food photographer having years of practical industry experience to capture stunning images that foster client engagement on the different social media channels. Visit the website to take a look at his proven portfolio.